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Is Frozen Pizza Dough an Option for Gourmet Pizzas?

What is a perfect pizza made of? Likes and tastes vary depending on what customers prefer, but the consistency lies in the “freshness” and authenticity of the flavor being served. If you aren’t planning to open a full-fledged commercial kitchen to produce pizzas then finding a pizza bases supplier Australia is a smart business choice.

However, this choice has its own challenges that can get sufficiently overwhelming as you may find a plethora of options in the Australian market. Since pizza is a treat that has made its way into the world of fast food, standing out with your product requires a certain quality of ingredients.

The key is to find a reliable supplier who is a local producer and uses minimum ingredients to prepare the bases. Of course, dough basis is always better, but par-baked bases are also an excellent idea as long as there are no added preservatives.

When searching for pizza bases supplier Australia opt for a company that offers specific bases to work with gourmet pizzas.

This will help you narrow down your search significantly. Besides the obvious quality of flavor, there are a few other aspects that will help you decide where to get your bases from. Search for a pizza bases supplier Australia where the bases are prepared using an authentic recipe.

Another important factor is the preparation of the dough using authentic hand stretching techniques which is the basis of rustic and delicious flavor when cooked.

But, you cannot expect the bases to be uniform in any way. The bases vary in shape and how well they will hold the toppings; the only thing that should be consistent in the quality and flavor of the bases. This can be determined by how well the crust holds especially around the edges and how it amplifies and compliments the toppings on the pizza rather than adding an unpleasant earthiness to it.

The best way is to order a few bases, do some trial runs with 2 or 3 basic flavors and then decide whether the bases are well suited for you.

Frozen bass is another excellent option for a small scale pizzeria given that they are freshly prepared by hand and frozen just at the right time to avoid chewy and undercooked results.

When looking for frozen pizza Dough Australia we again suggest that you find a local business that provides complete information regarding their preparation process and even gives you complete workshops that mirror their dough’s ingredients and rolling process.

This is an excellent way to see how a prospect supplier is creating the bases and at what temperature they are being frozen.

You should also be able to do some trial runs with other pizza by-products such as garlic knot or mini pizza knots to determine how different sizes of dough hold up.

RDM Pizza Australia is an excellent supplier of frozen pizza dough Australia and par-baked bases. They offer professional classes and advice for anyone looking o build their own brand of pizza as well.


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